New Technologies

Epic Automotive now offers enhanced diagnosis, repairs and replacement for many of automotive ECU and control units.


Over the past few years the increase in calls for Engine computer, body computer and anti-theft system component failures has more than tripled. The option of ECU repair and replacement for many people has only been available via the dealership. Epic Automotive Service is now proud to add our customers other options. Did you know that some of the control units in your vehicle can now be reprogrammed and repaired versus replaced?


Greg and his staff train and attend advance technology courses and classes every year, that specialize in the study and design of ECU programming, repair and replacement for many BMW, MINI. Mercedes, Sprinter, Audi and VW engine computers.


Some of the following the following services are now available and more services will be added soon.

  • BMW/MINI  CAS and Key repair and replacement options.
  • Footwell module repair and replacement
  • Body Control Module repair and replacement
  • Mercedes/Sprinter  EIS/EZS and Key repair and replacement
  • Other Advanced programming and encoding options also available.


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