Mercedes Benz

The staff at Epic Automotive believes that making sure your vehicle is being maintained correctly is essential to maximizing your vehicle's performance. We have a fully experienced servicing staff that takes pride in their expertise in maintaining Mercedes vehicles. Our Mercedes repair center does all types of servicing from oil changes, alignments and all other major repairs. We will make sure you're satisfied with all servicing.


Located near the square in Marietta, Georgia, Epic Automotive is your convenient service and repair shop that is proudly serving the Greater Atlanta, Marietta, West Cobb areas. Want to schedule an appointment with us at Epic Automotive servicing center? Then feel free to fill out our service form or give us a call.

Our Mercedes Services

  • Oil Service, E Service, EZ Service (Mercedes vehicles up to 1997)
  • Service A & B (Mercedes vehicles 1998 - 2002)
  • Service A through H (Mercedes vehicles 2003 and later)
  • Brake System Service and Repairs
  • Cooling System Service and Repairs
  • Engine Service and Repairs
  • Suspension and Steering Service and Repairs
  • Manual and Automatic Transmission Service and Repairs
  • Electrical Troubleshooting and Diagnosis
  • Emission Failure Diagnosis and Repairs
  • Timing chain, timing belt and timing component replacement and repairs
  • Turbo charger, fuel injector and forced induction systems repairs and replacement